Remediator Projects & Case Studies




TPH Soil contamination - New Caledonia.

Fuel Oil 

61 cubic metres of soil contaminated with fuel oil. Starting level approx. 198,000 ppm TPH.  Application of Enretech-1 at 18 kg per cubic metre of contaminated soil.  Tilling and moisture addition as per standard application protocol.  TPH reduction of 99.4% over 99 days.

Site development at Toyosu Gas Works site (Tokyo). [English] [Japanese]

Low MW hydrocarbons

Target levels reached in 90 days.  In total, 49.7 hectares of soil treated.


Chlorinated Solvent Soil Contamination - New Caledonia

[English] [French - original]


Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene


Spill involving approx 100L of waste chlorinated solvents into 22 cubic metres of soil on an industrial site.  Starting level was 813 ppm Chloride (avg).  Enretech-1 was applied under anaerobic conditions, using modified application protocol.  TCE and PCE levels in soils reached