Services Offered



Enretech Spill Response Training

We provide training on the use of our products for spill response, spill containment and/or bioremediation. This training can be a simple "toolbox" session which typically takes 10-15 minutes and gives the customer basic knowledge on how to use our sorbents and spill kits.  Or alternatively, we also offer a more comprehensive 1 hour, combined theoretical (classroom) and practical training session, which goes into more detail about legal requirements, basic spill response principles and hazardous materials/dangerous goods.  This training course is called "Level1 : First Responder" and is based on the NSW DECC training program: "Storing and Handling Liquids (Environmental Protection) as well as the ASCC National Standard for the Control of Workplace Hazardous Chemicals.  Toolbox training is typically provided, free of charge, by the supplier of the actual products, whereas the First Responder course is provided by Enretech trainers (for a reasonable fee).


Spill Kit Inspection Audits

In certain situations where a customer has purchased a number of spill response kits for one or more sites, Enretech can provide a regular inspection service of the site and an inspection of all kits and their contents.  We then record discrepancies and provide a brief report. Inspections are typically conducted quarterly, but the frequency can be adjusted to suit the customer's needs.  We encourage the customer to conduct their own kit inspections as part of their internal EHS obligations, but work closely to assist them in maintaining their programs.


Spill Response Capability Audits

Enretech conducted site inspections, where we assess the risks to liquid spills, based on the types and quantities of liquids used in the business.  Consideration is also given to assorted other factors, such as storage, disposal and emergency preparedness.

The Capabilities Audit focuses on risk identification, evaluation and control. Specifically we:

  • Review product inventory & MSDS,
  • Conduct a site walk-through to evaluate the risk potential for selected products, and
  • Assess the risk controls currently in place

This audit involves a detailed site inspection, and data collection, followed by a report with recommendations.  Customers are encouraged to conduct regular audits, especially in those businesses where products stored change regularly.

Spill Response Program Development

Enretech also assist our customers with the creation, implementation and maintenance of a corporate spill response program. Details of a typical program are available upon request. This service involves a considerable degree of consultation with the customer and is normally costed on a per project basis.

Capability Audits and Program Development are conducted only by qualified personnel, with assistance from our staff, as needed. Our auditors have been involved in numerous site audits and developed many different EH&S programs for assorted industries. 
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