We have listed below a number of links where Enretech products are listed or where you can obtain more information relevant to spill management and environmental sustainability.

Enretech Products & Services

Government Departments - Australia/NZ


  • Bioremediation Discussion Group  (http://www.bioremediationgroup.org/)
  • Fate & Effect of Oil & Dispersed Oil on Mangrove Ecosystems in Australia (http://www3.aims.gov.au/pages/research/mangroves/fae/fae01.html)
  • US EPA Technology Innovation Office (CLU-IN)  (http://www.clu-in.org/)
  • CRC for Environmental Biotechnology (EBCRC)  (http://www.ebcrc.com.au/index.html)
  • CRC for Contamination Assessment & Remediation of the Environment (CRC-CARE)  (http://www.crccare.com/)
  • CCME - Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment / Le Conseil canadien des ministres de l'environnement  (http://www.ccme.ca)
  • EEA - European Environment Agency  (http://www.eea.europa.eu)
  • Ministry for the Enviroment - New Zealand  (http://www.mfe.govt.nz)


  • AIDGC - Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants (http://www.aidgc.com.au)
  • ACLCA - Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association (http://www.aclca.asn.au) 
  • ALGA - Australian Land and Groundwater Association (http://www.landandgroundwater.com)